Brekeke CCS Doubling Access to Applications to Enhance Customer Service


Brekeke Call Center Suite (CCS) supports two applications simultaneously, allowing call center agents to handle calls more seamlessly and improve customer support and services

San Mateo, May 17, 2017 -Brekeke Software today announced a major update to Brekeke CCS, the cloud call center system. This update includes a feature that allows an agent to open two applications when assisting a customer. Brekeke CCS already supports multiple CRM platform products including third-party products, such as Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM, or custom CRM applications. Agents will be able to access any of the CRMs for customers while using Brekeke CCS.

“This update of Brekeke CCS helps agents at call centers to organize their work efficiently and as a result be able to provide better service to their customers,” said Shin Yamade, CEO of Brekeke Software. “Agents at call centers are required to handle many tasks besides assisting their customers. By providing customized technology assistance, we help maximize their efficiency and the accuracy of their work,” continued Yamade.

With this enhancement, the agents will be able to use two applications to enhance their performance and speed in assisting their customers. Based on the customer profile, one or two applications will be automatically opened and available for agents to use. Here are some examples of what this feature will do:

    • Open and use two CRM applications, allowing agents to update the appropriate data on different CRMs according to the customers they are helping.
    • Open custom applications such as knowledge-based or back office applications that match the caller’s profile or needs, allowing effctive and accurate service.
  • Migrate old call center systems or CRM to a new platform, so agents will be able to review both new and old systems simultaneously when assisting customers and updating information.

For more information about Brekeke CCS, visit the product page at Brekeke’s website: