Summer is ending… but our aspiration never ends!


We’ve made lots of improvements in v3.7. We’ve added WebRTC-based softphone, allowing free unlimited codec G.729 sessions, removing the minimum fee requirement for redundancy setup for Brekeke PBX and more. But most of all, adding an auto provisioning feature has been one of the most important updates for our partners and users.

Why important?

Using the auto provisioning function, a system administrator or service provider can set up users’ SIP devices remotely and automatically. This avoids not only the time and cost of setting up the phones but also unnecessary problems due to errors in configurations or setup.

Right now, we support the following SIP devices with our auto provisioning:

Cisco SPA series

The setup guide for the provisioning feature can be downloaded from the link below:
Provisioning Feature Setup Guide

Happy Fall!


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Our website is now in Vietnamese, too!